2 Vital Full Body Stretches for Mobility and Warming up

Presented by Spartan Training®

In this video we cover 2 full body stretches for mobility you should do before any workout. The 7 point stretch and inchworm will loosen you up and gradually warm your body up for the training to come.

Don't rush these moves. Don't worry about doing a whole bunch of them. Do them intentionally and slowly. Repeat them for 1-2 minutes each.

Remember to breath.

Here are some notes about each stretch:

7 Point Stretch

  • Don't rush
  • Stop at each point in the move for a second and hold
  • It's ok if you have balance issues, focus on that first

Inch Worm

  • It's ok to bend your knees if you lack flexibility
  • It's ok to keep the motion small at first.