Zach Anner | If at Birth You Don’t Succeed

Zach Anner | If at Birth You Don’t Succeed

“Lucky” to have cerebral palsy? That’s what Zach Anner says in what is unexpectedly our funniest podcast episode yet. Most people work all their lives to become comfortable asking for help and showing the world their true selves, weakness and all; Zach Anner skipped all that. Using what he’s learned, he created and stars in his own YouTube show “Workout Wednesdays,” in which he shows how spectacularly he can fail and shares what he calls “inspirational jokes.” It’s disarming, inspirational, genuine and really funny! He has parlayed his compelling voice into a memoir, If at Birth You Don’t Succeed, and as a writer on the ABC sitcom, “Speechless.” Anner may fail at many things, but he is masterful at being himself.

LESSONS 1. A visible disability can be a gift in that it’s a route to greater authenticity.
 2. With the right perspective, terrible experiences can be transformed into great stories.
 3. Failure blazes an alternative route to success.

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