Bodyweight Exercises + Hill Climbs: WOD: ATHLETICISM: 10/10/17

Bodyweight Exercises + Hill Climbs: WOD: ATHLETICISM: 10/10/17
Presented by Spartan Training®

With bodyweight exercises and a hill you can get Spartan fit. Don't overthink it. Let gravity be your friend as it forces you to resist its pull. Spartan Race is about functional fitness, and being able to overcome gravity is the first task of the mobile human.

Today we are building your muscular endurance to prepare you for the unique challenges you will face with each obstacle and hill climb. Challenge yourself to complete 5 hill climb intervals.

(Click each exercise to view a video that shows proper technique. Always perform each movement in a controlled and strict manner.)


Jumping Jacks x 50 Wall sits 2 x 30 seconds - 1 minute

Main Set: Strength Circuit + Hill Climbs

Body Weight Squats 3 x 10-15 Bear Crawl 3 x 25 yards Box Jumps 3 x 10

Glute Bridges 3 x 10-15 Walking Lunges 3 x 10-15 each leg

Hill Climbs 5 intervals: 30 seconds run x 1 minute rest Do this run at 10% treadmill incline or find a challenging hill or trail



Beginner Version: Increase rest time and/or decrease running pace. Advanced Version: Decrease rest time.