World Champion Robert Killian on His Mental Approach, His Psyche, and His Harley

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What makes Spartan world champion Robert Killian tick? How does he approach competitions — both mentally and physically — train, and psyche himself up race after race?

In the latest episode of Thrill of the Ride, a four-part series brought to you by Spartan and Harley-Davidson, the former Green Beret gives us an inside look into his pre-race preparation.

"I think a big part of racing is definitely the mental vs. the physical, a lot of visualization," he says. "The more you think about something, the more prepared you are, the less anxiety you have. You just focus on positives."

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In the video, witness Killian get in the right headspace, both on the side of a mountain and out on the open road.

"When I'm on a Harley, I think it's about freedom," the OCR legend and American hero says. "You're in control. Anything can happen. You can feel the wind, you can feel the rush of when you accelerate. The thrill of being able to accelerate when you want — and know you're in complete control — is my favorite feeling."

Click here to watch the first episode, and stay tuned for the third episode (Jan. 21), featuring husband and wife Emilee and Matt Stevens, and the finale (Feb 4), starring brothers Ryan and Matt Kempson. Thrill of the Ride episodes premiere at 11:00 a.m. ET, airing on Spartan’s Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages. You can also view all of the episodes here.

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