10 Expert Tips to CRUSH a Spartan Virtual Race

10 Expert Tips to CRUSH a Spartan Virtual Race
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Are you ready to make history with us?

In honor of Spartan's 10-year anniversary, Spartan is holding Project Unbreakable, the world's largest virtual race. Project Unbreakable will take place on May 30-31, and the goal is to welcome 1 million participants. Sprints, Supers, Beasts, and Ultras will take place, as well as a kids race. Unbreakable upgrades — offering such prizes as medal wedges, shirts, and other exclusive rewards — are also available.

Before you attempt to tackle Project Unbreakable, we want to make sure you're ready for the task at hand. We reached out to some of our most experienced, most diehard Spartans for their expert advice on how to approach and crush a virtual race, from both a mental and physical standpoint.

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To learn more about Project Unbreakable, and to take part in the world's largest virtual race, click here.

Don't Take Your Foot Off the Gas

My number one tip, before doing the race, is never stop training. It’s so easy to fall back on old habits during this time. Keep preparing as you would for any Spartan race. - SGX Coach April Sherman, 48, Tehachapi, CA

Train Smart

Before the race, your training should consist of running, bodyweight moves likes squats, push-ups, burpees, pull-ups, and HIIT workouts. - Terri, 41, Springfield, NJ

Mentally Prepare Yourself

Get it in your mind that you can do anything. Spartan is as much mental as it is physical. If you can think it, you can do it. - Kelly, 35, Mukilteo, WA

Virtual Race Exercise Library: Click Here to Watch Every Move

Establish a Goal

Get your mindset right. Set a goal on what you want to do. Pick a race and maybe get a buddy to do it with you. Having a friend commit to the same goal helps you commit. - Christine, 27, Staten Island, NY

Plan Ahead

Know what is expected of you. Go through exercises to make sure you know what they are, write and print them out, and decide on the cardio mode ahead of time. - Olga Torres, 33, Centreville, VA

Plan Your Route

Plan your route ahead of time using tools like Strava or MapMyRun, and pick an accountability buddy to keep you on track and cheer for you! - Kelly Fuson, 37, Sacramento, CA

Do a Dry Run

Become familiar with your ability to complete the distance you will race. Walk it, jog it, or run it — but definitely do it ahead of time. Don't just imagine you can. If you're running multiple races, familiarize yourself with your ability to recover between events. Plan your pre-race nutrition, in-between race nutrition, and recovery time between events. - Terry O'Neal, 50, Melbourne, FL

Get Your Gear Ready

Double-check your gear list and get everything you need. Keep it nice and ready! - Alberto, 33, Verona, Italy

Stay Hydrated, and Eat Strategically

My No. 1 tip is to stay hydrated and keep your electrolytes balanced the week leading up to the race. Also, make sure you are eating as many whole foods as possible, and maintaining a caloric balance. Deficits won't go over well on race day! Enjoy your breakfast a few hours before to give your stomach a chance to settle, and then get after it! - Premier OCR Training trainer Perri Lauren, 33, Monmouth County, NJ

Do It With a Friend

Find a friend, either in real life — 6 feet apart! — or virtually, to check in with about training, to run the race with, and to swap stories afterward! - Jennifer Fisher, 52, Austin, TX. Check out her blog, thefitfork.com, for healthy recipes to fuel an active lifestyle, and check out her Instagram @thefitfork.

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