Spartan, Tough Mudder Join Forces for Epic Combined Race Weekend

Spartan, Tough Mudder Join Forces for Epic Combined Race Weekend
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For the first time since Spartan’s acquisition of Tough Mudder, the brands will come together in a singular weekend to create the biggest celebration in the history of obstacle course racing. The event will be held at Skipper Ranch in Sebring, Fla. on Dec. 11-12.

The dual-brand experience brings the Spartan community and Mudder Nation together to experience the best of both worlds, allowing participants to throw spears and receive Electroshock Therapy at the same place and time. 

“Even though it’s now in the Spartan brand portfolio, the rivalry between Tough Mudder and Spartan lives on,” said Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena. “That said, we’re united by the mission of transforming lives and challenging people, and we’re looking forward to bringing the two unique brands to our collective passionate communities for an epic, tough weekend of OCR.”   

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Spartan Trifecta Weekend and a Tough Mudder Sneak Preview 

The weekend features all three events of Spartan’s coveted Trifecta, including the 5K, 20-obstacle Sprint, 10K, 25-obstacle Super, and half-marathon, 30-obstacle Beast, along with a Spartan Kids event. Tough Mudder will host its 5K, 13-obstacle race, as well as its 10-mile, 25-obstacle Classic event. TM will also preview its new 10 km distance, featuring 20 signature obstacles. (That race type officially launches in 2022.) The events will take place separately, allowing attendees to participate in multiple formats from each brand throughout the weekend. 

“Earlier this month, I joined Joe as he participated in his first Tough Mudder event, and it was truly a sign that it’s time our communities join as one,” said Tough Mudder CEO Kyle McLaughlin. “The rivalry will continue, and in many cases, I’m sure it will show during this weekend. But we are two brands united by a common sport and goal, and we can’t wait to bring Spartans and Mudders together for the ultimate OCR experience in Central Florida.” 

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2 Badass Brands, 1 Epic Weekend

As a focal point of the weekend, the festival will feature separate zones for Spartan and Tough Mudder activations, allowing all attendees access to each. Each experiential zone will feature challenges designed to introduce attendees to each brand’s event style. 

Spartan acquired Tough Mudder in January, 2020, and after a lengthy delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand held its first U.S. event under the new ownership on April 24, 2021. 

Spartan and Tough Mudder continue to monitor and adhere to local public health guidelines and COVID-19 protocols to provide a safe racing experience.

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