Spartan Race 2018: Which Race Is Right For You?

Spartan Race 2018: Which Race Is Right For You?
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Spartan Race 2018: Final Events Are Selling Out

So you’ve decided to sign up for a Spartan race. Congrats! That first step is often the hardest. Now you need to find your Spartan Race 2018 event.

Which Spartan race is right for you? That’s where things get a bit more complicated. But don’t worry: It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been doing sports your entire life or don’t even consider yourself an athlete. Anyone can become a Spartan today.

We’ve put together this handy guide to ensure you find the best race for you—and start out on the right foot.

The Timed Spartan Races

The core Spartan races fall within the Sprint, Super, or Beast categories. Each has unique demands, and each will give you a different race experience. But they all have one thing in common: By the time you reach the finish line, they’ll introduce you to yourself. And you’ll prove to yourself that you’re capable of far more than you realized. Here’s a look at each for Spartan Race 2018.

Sprint: 3 Miles That Will Change Your Life

3 to 5 miles, 20 to 23 obstacles

The Sprint, our shortest distance, appeals to many people for that very reason: You can knock it out before breakfast.

On the one hand, this aspect attracts a subset of athletes who favor fast-paced, power-based competitions over endurance races.

On the other, this short-distance course also serves as an excellent starting point for people who are new to the sport but still looking to challenge themselves.

Beginners need not necessarily start with a Sprint. Longer courses are feasible with the right amount of training. Know your fitness level and challenge yourself wisely. Our 28-day Spartan training plan is a great starting point.

Stadium Series Sprint: A whole new ballgame

Spartan Race 2018

With no water or barb wire, the Stadium Series turns some of America’s most iconic sports venues into Spartan Race courses. These Sprint distance races are perfect for new and returning racers.

Honor Series Sprint: Race with honor

The Honor Series takes place on U.S. military bases across the country. Race where America’s protectors train and walk away with a limited-edition medal, finisher tee, and race photos.

Super: Where Speed Meets Endurance

8 to 10 miles, 24 to 29 obstacles

The Super is designed for those with more athletic experience and a stronger endurance base who want to put their physical stamina and mental resolve to a unique test. It’s extremely hard, no matter your fitness level—and it’s likely to push you to your limits.

Beast: An Animal All Its Own

12 to 14 miles, 30 to 35 obstacles

Spartan Race 2018

The Beast lives up to its name. This distance is designed for those who want to face their demons as well as athletes who thrive on long-distance competitions.

When we say “demons,” we’re not trying to sound tough or scare you. But we guarantee at some point on this course, you will need to step beyond what you thought you were capable of. In a way, the Beast you’re conquering is yourself.

The Spartan Race 2018 Endurance Events

Along with our three main race types, we put on endurance events to give people the opportunity to challenge themselves in different ways. Like our race types, each endurance event has a unique emphasis.

The Hurricane Heat: Where Competition Meets Camaraderie

Classic Hurricane Heat

Spartan Race 2018

This a three- to four-hour endurance and team-building event, is designed to show a group of participants what they can achieve when they work as one. By completing tasks that would be impossible without their teammates, participants learn to lift one another other up—literally and figuratively—and never leave a comrade behind.

In the Hurricane Heat, there are no bibs and no timing chips. Nor is there individual competition. Participants work, suffer, and finish together.

The 12-Hour Hurricane Heat

This is a step up from the classic. It is designed to test every facet of your mental, intellectual, and physical abilities. By disrupting teamwork with time hacks and curbing individual competition with a mission-driven ethos, this event tests strategic thinking, integrity, and physical endurance.

As its name suggests, this event adds the challenge of supporting oneself for the duration of the event. Participants must carry a large ruck, hydration unit, and food for 12 hours of high-intensity exertion.

The Ultra Beast: The World’s Premier Endurance Race

26+ miles, dozens of obstacles

The Ultra Beast belongs to a gray area between our races and our endurance events. Like our endurance events, the Ultra Beast is not something you can walk slowly and expect to finish in time; this means you have to have near-limitless endurance. But unlike our endurance events, the Ultra Beast has no team component; it’s a free-for-all to the bitter end.

If you want to know whether you’re truly unstoppable, the Ultra Beast is your test.

The Agoge: Mind, Body & Spirit Discovery

48 or 60 hours, held in summer and winter

The Agoge requires endless physical endurance and mental toughness, but it’s anything but a sufferfest. Inspired by the famous training system of the ancient Spartans, the Agoge is designed primarily to teach survival skills, teamwork, and the Spartan Code.

The racers who sign up for the Agoge have diverse backgrounds, but the event is not intended for novice athletes. Entrants should come to the event with strong physical ability, even stronger mental ability, and a complete set of gear.

Other Spartan Race Features

Trifecta: This Is Earned

Spartan Race 2018

Complete a Spartan Sprint (Stadium or Honor), Super, and Beast all within the same calendar year and earn the coveted Trifecta. Anyone who finishes a Sprint, Super, or Beast receives one finisher medal and one Trifecta pie-piece medal. Collect a pie piece from each of the three race types, and they form a Trifecta medal.

Spartan Kid’s Race: Memories Are Made in the Mud

For kids, we put on races that emphasize teamwork, fun, and getting muddy. Here’s how to make sure your kids are ready. For our Spartan Race 2018 calendar, we've had a new competitive kid’s series. These races range from a half-mile to 2 miles, and are available for kids age 4 to 14. Like adult races, every kid gets a t-shirt and finisher medal.

Getting ready to tackle a Spartan race? Download The Spartan 2018 Training Plan as your blueprint.