4 Ways That Spartan+ Takes Your Racing Experience to the Next Level

4 Ways That Spartan+ Takes Your Racing Experience to the Next Level
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Every Spartan experience provides a level of exhilaration that is unmatched. Whether you're annihilating early-morning workouts before your friends and family are even awake, snagging PRs and podiums in different states and countries monthly, or dialing in your tough mentality with the Spartan UP! podcast, there are a few guarantees: You will want to quit at some point, it will be hard as hell, and it will always be worth it. 

In addition to all of those invaluable tools at your disposal, you now have the opportunity to really take your Spartan experience to the next level. We listened to our community, and created a comprehensive program to help you achieve your goals. The Ultimate Spartan Experience is here, and it's called Spartan+.

Sure, all Spartans get free race results, complimentary epic action shots from out on the course, and exclusive content that gets them hooked on the most badass lifestyle on Earth. But for those who want to really push their limits, see what they're capable of, smash their goals, and silence anyone who ever told them that they couldn't do something, those Spartans are the ones who take it a step further. They are the core of our community, and now they are Spartan+ members.

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Our membership platform provides racers with world-class prep and performance-enhancing provisions to help you train harder, race better, and recover faster. Here's a look at a few of the unbeatable perks you'll get as an exclusive member. 

How Spartan+ Helps You Prepare and Perform 

1. Find Peace of Mind With Express Registration and Guaranteed Start Times on Race Day

You've worked hard for race weekend, so let us make the day easier for you. Say goodbye to long lines. Spartan+ members get a dedicated check-in line for a fast pass to bib pickup and same-day registration, and they never have to wonder when they'll be taking off on the course. When members register for a race in the Open category, they're given the option of selecting a wave time. If you choose to select a specific start time, that time will be honored no matter what.

These benefits give you both the flexibility and spontaneity of signing up for a race last minute, along with the security of knowing exactly where to be, and when. Zero stress.

Join Spartan+ to skip the lines. Join Here

2. Gear Up With 20% Off Merch

You know the saying, "When you look good, you feel good?" What about looking good, feeling great, and performing even better?

spartan plus benefits

Whether you're looking for a fast new trail shoe or a grippy OCR sneaker, lightweight shirts and shorts for scorching summer courses, unbreakable training equipment to bolster your home gym (and routine), bags, accessories, nutrition, or hydration — you name it, we've got it. And you can have it all, for cheaper.

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Spartan+ members enjoy a 20% discount off merchandise, redeemable while logged into your Spartan account. Your Membership code will be automatically applied to your shopping cart. (This code won't work if you're not a member, or if you aren't signed in with the email you used to sign up.)

What's more, you'll get free shipping and returns on your discounted orders, and access to exclusive merchandise releases at unbeatable prices, like the Spartan Unbreakable Dry Duffel Bag.

Join Spartan+ to unlock your discount on the next order. Join Here

3. Connect and Recuperate in the Exclusive Member Recovery Zone at Trifecta Weekends

spartan plus benefits

Proper warm-up and recovery are absolutely essential to optimizing performance, especially during Trifecta weekends. And as much as Spartans love putting on their game faces on the course, taking time to build connections and unwind together is just as vital to the overall race experience.

Before a race, Spartan+ members can stretch and hone in on their motivational mantras at the Member Recovery Zone — an exclusive member tent, shielded from the general festival area and perfect for calming pre-race jitters. After you complete your race, recover in great company by talking Spartan shop with fellow racers and making new lifelong friendships while enjoying lounge chairs, massage guns, and foam rollers.

spartan plus benefits

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And in addition to the lasting memories of the people you meet and the obstacles you overcome at any given race, Spartan+ Members receive HD watermark-free photo downloads from out on the course, earning you bragging rights — and shareable proof of your epic accomplishments — for a lifetime.

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