Rope Climbing 30,000 Feet

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Picture yourself running a Spartan race. You come to the rope climb, ascend the (roughly) 16 feet, and ring the bell. Now, imagine pulling 1,937 times that distance of rope in one evening.

This isn't hell. This is the Death Race. But in reality, is there a difference?

Participants of the 2018 Death Race were tasked with pulling 30,000 feet of rope on the treacherous Ropeflex.

This seemingly Sisyphean task started around 11:00 PM and had participants occupied through the night. A majority of participants began with the traditional hand-over-hand. However, that technique only proved efficient for so long, especially as fatigue set in. At certain points, it wasn't uncommon to see racers grab the rope, walk back 10 feet, return, and repeat the process.

Rumor had it this man was clean-shaven before he started.

Fortunately for those that had lasted this long into the event, the end of the Death Race was in sight. Of course, in typical fashion, participants were unaware of it. Despite the 30,000 foot threshold required to finish the obstacle, only one participant managed to reach the peak; Bib #083, Ryan Robeson, who ultimately pulled 31,000 in "just short of 7 hours," according to officials that were on site. On average, participants pulled 22,000 feet, an amazing achievement by any standard.

Next time you find yourself on the rope climb, just be glad you're not pulling 30,000 feet.

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