Life Lessons From a Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor

Life Lessons From a Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor

This Week on Spartan Up: Rebekah Gregory

Rebekah Gregory and her son  were spectating at the finish line of the Boston in Marathon in 2013 when those two fateful bombs exploded. She may have lost part of her leg — but 68 operations  later, she has gained a whole new insight on “counting her blessings, not her problems.” Instead of being defined by this one event she has used it as a catalyst to make PTSD training available for children all over the country through her foundation Rebekah’s Angels. She says very few have to deal with a bomb exploding near them, but many people deal with things in their life blowing up everyday- her resilience is marked by her joyful determination to inspire others and help them get the treatments they need.  


Rebekah Gregory: Life Lessons

  • Count your blessings not your problems
  • Be thankful for the life you have and have goals for the life you want
  • Don’t let your life be defined by one event
  • Your circumstances don’t define you
  • Make everyday a great day- don’t let anything steal your joy


More on Rebekah Gregory:

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0:00 Joe, Johnny, Col. Nye & Dr.L introduce Rebekah’s interview

1:30 Powerful Foods

2:00 Interview begins

3:00 being 3 ft from a bomb

4:30 the mental side of healing

5:30 dealing with PTSD: Rebekah’s Angels Foundation

7:00 Robbed at gunpoint

8:00 changing your relationship to past experiences


11:00 31 Habits: #10 Resisting the Norms of Everyday Sedentary Life

12:45 Interview Continues

14:15 Children dealing with PTSD

16:00 A life full of possibilities: a new chapter of life

20:35 Joe, Johnny, Col. Nye & Dr. L discuss this inspiring interview

26:20 Powerful Foods Close


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