What Are You Capable of? Right Now?

What Are You Capable of? Right Now?
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Editor's Note: Performance on demand and the readiness mindset: These topics represent the first discussion of Spartan Stand, our new podcast hosted by Brian "Tosh" Chontosh. Brian is a retired U.S. Marine and recipient of the Navy Cross and  is asked to speak, teach and consult on subjects related to leadership and developing  individual performance. One of the more dramatic reasons Brian received the Navy Cross is reported on Wikipedia: “On March 25, 2003, during an ambush while advancing upon Baghdad, Chontosh aggressively attacked an entrenched enemy position, resorting to using captured enemy weaponry when his M16 ran out of ammunition. He is reported to have killed at least 20 enemy soldiers during the incident.” (Read the full entry here). Once asked on a podcast if he was writing a book, Tosh responded that he was doing his best to write a book with the way he lived his life; in being an ultra-runner, a coach, to holding outdoor retreats in the Rocky Mountains, and to the the seemingly everyday parts of living like being a dad. Tosh most recently wrote for Spartan Life about his thinking in regards to performance testing. In this month’s column, he writes about the similarities (and mutual complexities) shared between leadership and parenting. And if you want to follow Brian — which I highly recommend — he is active on his Instagram account.  

The Readiness Mindset. What is it?

What are you capable of right here, right now; not a question, a statement. What you could have done if, what you might be able to do if, if you had time to prepare, or under whatever cute circumstance you require to succeed is of zero interest.

A readiness mindset consists of two parts. 1) anticipating reasonable and likely events or circumstance in order to prepare. This is the ground floor of professionalism. It is a branch conversation of Ownership. 2) building up capacity to simply respond given a task, event, or emergency. It is letting performance have the ultimate voice for competence.

Would you face a known enemy or threat with a “wait a minute, let me heal my mojo for a few weeks and then we can fight?” or would you want to advertise to your opponent all the many ways you are strategizing to challenge him as you attempt to win?

Common sense would suggest then that we develop a readiness mindset to not habituate these patterns in our lives.

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Readiness Mindset & Performance on Demand Lessons:

- Tests confirm or deny capability given the moment of now.
- Excuses hold you back.
- Balance anticipation & preparation with acquiring competence for the unknown.


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Producer: Marion Abrams, Madmotion,llc.

Host: Brian “tosh” Chontosh

Show notes: Brian “tosh” Chontosh

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