Powerful Foods: A Review

Powerful Foods: A Review
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At Spartan, we don’t let just any food in our world. We have a registered dietitian who personally reviews, samples, and approves every single nutrition sponsor. What does that mean for you? Quality nutrition from quality sources, geared toward your goals. We promise we’ll not only to bring the best nutrition forward, but we’ll also give you nutritious ways to incorporate our sponsors’ products into your weekly meals through our Food of the Week info and recipes.

From the Nutrition Expert

Why do so many people fail at eating healthy?

As Spartan’s dietitian and personal coach to athletes and everyday people, I know that the reason people fail to achieve their eating goals is often very simple: they try to make their eating habits perfect. But as the old saying goes, nothing is perfect. In fact, letting go of what you should do in favor of what you can do will not only drive more success, it will give you the results you want. Without looking perfect, it has to look real.

I checked out one of my favorite Spartan sponsors, Powerful Foods. I’ll give you the lowdown on why they receive the Spartan seal of approval and exactly how you should fit them into your day.

Powerful Product Review


If you have two minutes, you have time for one of these delicious on-the-go cups of oatmeal. Perfect as a quick and easy breakfast, you can stock up the pantry or your desk drawer with six delicious flavors.

Nutrition: 240 calories; 20 g protein; only 5 g added sugar.

Fuel your cardio: Slice a banana on top after heating it for a carbohydrate and potassium boost.

Strength in recovery: Whey protein provides fast muscle recovery. Top your oatmeal with chopped walnuts to add healthy fats that will help decrease post-workout inflammation.

Flavors: Apple cinnamon, peanut butter and honey, banana, cranberry orange, berries and cream, maple and brown sugar.

Overnight Oats

Not a hot cereal fan? We’ve got you covered with this no-fuss make-ahead meal. Made with the nutrition of ancient grains (quinoa and flaxseed), it’s a breakfast you can feel good about.

Nutrition (blueberry and vanilla): 250 calories; 20 g protein; only 6 g added sugar.

Fuel your cardio: Eaten about 90 minutes before training, your oatmeal provides calcium and potassium to help protect against leg cramps.

Strength in recovery: Quinoa is one of the only plant-based proteins considered “complete,” meaning that it provides all of the essential amino acids. Amino acids (the building blocks of protein) found in Powerful Overnight Oats help repair torn muscle fibers.

Flavors: Blueberry and vanilla (my favorite) and peaches and cream.

Powerful Drinks

Powerful Drinks are convenient for you and your body. Liquids are absorbed more rapidly than solids, fueling recovery fast.

Nutrition: 170 calories; 20 g protein; only 6 g added sugar.

Fuel your cardio: Caffeine has been shown to decrease perceived exertion during activity. Try a Powerful’s Mocha Double Espresso before training for caffeine to help you crush that last mile. Avoiding caffeine? Choose vanilla maple or chocolate and blend it into a smoothie with a cup of berries for a cardio carbohydrate boost.

Strength in recovery: Made with quality Greek yogurt, the 20 g of natural protein will help muscle repair while yogurt’s potassium aids blood flow by easing pressure in your blood vessel walls.

Flavors: Vanilla maple, chocolate, mocha double espresso.

Long-term success comes from having the right tools to make good nutrition both easy and enjoyable. Whether you’re an elite athlete or someone just looking to add quality foods into your day, Powerful Foods can help. Shop for these foods and more on the Spartan Shop’s Powerful Foods page and enter the discount code “SPARTANPOWER” to get 10% off.