Podcast: Meet Our Raw Vegan Racers (And Hear Why They Drink Seawater Daily)

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Two veteran racers on eating raw and vegan. Meet Myriam and Jacky Boisett from our Spartan Up! podcast. They talk about how dramatic food choices impacted performance and pace.

Can eating only raw fruits and vegetables improve your performance, health, and recovery in racing? This week Myriam and Jacky Boisett talk about their raw vegan diet that enhanced every aspect of their life - from adventure racing to the storied Spartan course.

What's inside? Cool conversations about where can you find protein, questions about what your body craves and curious points of view about a daily drink of seawater. 

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5 Things We Learned About Raw Vegan Living

  1. Eating raw may help reduce the chance of injury and inflammation
  2. A healthier diet can potentially alleviate allergies and asthma
  3. You have to push your body hard to know it well
  4. To change from a normal diet to a vegan diet should be done in steps
  5. Put more vegetable juice into your diet by drinking it before meals

Bonus: More Raw Vegan Nutritional Know-How

- Your body is craving minerals and vitamins
- Watermelons are great for the end of hikes
 - Juicing the night before a race may help you feel lighter and ready to go
- Protein can be found in fruits, vegetables, and juices
- Palm syrup and a little seawater may be great for you?!  

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    Finding The Topics That Matter Most Part 1

    Stretched for time? Here are the top 10 timecodes to help you find the topics inside the conversation that matters most to you.

    0:00 Joe intro to the Boisetts

    0:52 Athletic Greens

    1:22 Interview begins

    3:00 eating raw vegan

    4:00 It’s not about just performance but about health and recovery

    5:00 healing asthma and allergies with a raw diet

    6:00 how do you get protein? Myth vs. fact

    6:45 Spartan Race vs. expedition racing

    7:40 Sleeping on a raw diet

    8:38 Athletic Greens Break in an alpine lupine field

    More About Raw Vegan Alternative Eating Part 2

    12:27 Interview continues

    13:00 Yale study on protein consumption in athletes

    14:10 we are not omnivores

    15:00 how society normalizes a bad diet

    16:00 winning adventure races: raw

    17:00 pushing your body hard to know it well

    17:30 race prep diet

    Drink Seawater and other unique advice Part 3

    19:00 advice to starting a raw vegan diet

    21:00 bring a watermelon to the top of mountains :)

    22:00 health benefits of seawater

    23:00 Joe De Sena’s commentary on the interview and what’s coming up next!

    24:00 Athletic Greens special offer for Spartan’s



    Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

    Hosts: Joe De Sena with Johnny Waite, Sefra Alexandra, and Col. Tim Nye.

    Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra

    Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty

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