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Feed your mind, shoot for the long odds, look for mentors and draw your ideas out with us at Dodgers Stadium. What does it take to succeed in the software industry? Peter thinks it’s “timing, tenacity, execution and when you’re getting out.” We explore what an infinite blank canvas for intuitive collaboration on the cloud looks like with the founder of Bluescape. It has revolutionized the way that the federal government, movie, real estate industry and nomadic remotely located entrepreneurs all over the world collaborate digitally. Like Peter said, “when your an entrepreneur you have to think like your going to the majors- get up earlier than everyone else and come home later.”

LESSONS: Learn how to read people using ALL your senses It’s all about timing, tenacity, execution and demand You are the brand of your organization Feed your mind to be a good leader Design your business to decrease turnover Collaboration is key - technology can help when working remote You need mentors Think like your going to the majors: get up early, come home late

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TIME STAMPS: 2:30 using all your senses to read people 4:30 techniques for emerging markets in software 5:45 surviving Kuwait 7:00 what does it take to succeed 9:00 feed your mind 10:00 how to design your business 14:30 what is Bluescape? 20:00 Mentor network and “pain stories” 24:00 lonely time in startup world

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CREDITS Producer - Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc. Hosts - Joe De Sena with Johnny Waite, Sefra Alexandra, & Col. Tim Nye Synopsis - Matt Baatz