On Assignment: Men's Fitness Editor Spartan's Up

On Assignment: Men's Fitness Editor Spartan's Up
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Zack Zeigler, Executive Editor of Men's Fitness, knows his way around a gym more than most people. So what happens when he steps outside and tackles some of the toughest courses Spartan has to offer? Racing across two continents and three countries, Zack is on a mission to run three races; Lake Tahoe Super, Sparta Beast, and Iceland Ultra Beast. He's ditching the dumbbells for sandbags and is entrenching himself in the Spartan lifestyle to see if he has what it takes.

"Looking back, I probably should've dedicated more than two weeks to train for this."

Words spoken by many a Spartan around the world before their first race—including Zack.

Part 1: "I did ask for this."

Having ditched the confines of a traditional gym, Zack finds himself outside his comfort zone and staring up at the massive climbs of Squaw Valley. Looking to overcome a cold start, Zack sets out to conquer one of the toughest courses on the Spartan circuit.

Part 2:  Spear Throw Hell & 30 Burpees

Despite his success as a collegiate athlete, Zack learns the hard way that no matter how talented you may be, eventually everyone succumbs to the spear throw. Despite the aches in his legs, and the mounting number of burpees, Zack trudges on and finds himself on the back half of the race.

Part 3: One-on-One With the Multi-Rig

With the finish line in sight, Zack catches his second wind. Motivated by the journey of Earl Granville, Jonathan Lopez, and Operation Enduring Warrior, Zack stares down the multi-rig, the final obstacle standing between him and a medal.

One race down and two to go. Zack heads to the birthplace of Spartan, in Greece, to tackle to the Beast. Read up on Part 2.

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