Do You Feel Like You Have the Right Coach? | Spartan Mind #16

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Do you feel like you have a coach? We all have a set of coaches that reside in our head at any given time. Many of these are a compilation of past individuals who have influenced us and their past messages have now become our own internalized voice. Many of these are helpful but some of them may be harmful because their messages are negative in nature or bring us down rather than lift us up. Learning how to differentiate between the helpful coaches and harmful ones is an important step in weeding out what doesn’t serve us.

Coach and Awareness Lessons

  • Be aware not only of what messages you send yourself internally but also where these messages might be coming from.
  • Differentiate between which internal coaches are helpful and which are harmful. Which ones make you feel good about yourself?
  • Quiet the harmful coaches by calling up the helpful ones and giving them more air time in your head.


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Host: Dr. Lara Pence

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