Loyalty to the Mission | Spartan Way #14

Loyalty to the Mission | Spartan Way #14

Are you always 1 step shy from finishing your “mission”? 1 step short of achieving your goals? Today Zach Even-Esh tells you how you can make it over the finish line using advice he originally absorbed from "Rogue Warrior" author, Dick Marcinko  Listen, then start taking pride in the challenges while turning your obstacles into opportunities.

If it's always easy, there's no pride gained or wisdom learned. "You don't have to like it, you just have to do it," was a doctrine put in place by Dick Marcinko, creator of SEAL Team 6. When you embrace these words you have a new weapon when it comes to the thoughts of resistance that crop up in your mind when you take on something tough to carry out. The challenges become sources of inspiration and energy. Instead of focusing on how much you dread obstacles, you now have the energy and power and background of grit to draw from.

Have you been putting something off? It seems inconvenient or unenjoyable? Something that is standing between you and a goal you really want to achieve? Today is the day to make a change in how you frame the obstacle and take a kind of action that


"Loyalty to yourself. Loyalty to the mission. Following through to the very end."


  • View your obstacles as opportunities
  • You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it - Dick Marcinko, Creator of SEAL Team 6
  • Take pride in the challenges which will inspire you rather than defeating you
  • Excellence and Convenience are rarely, if ever, found on the same road


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