Destroy Any Spartan Obstacle With the NEW OCR Speed Shoe

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Fact: Your choice of racing kicks is the single most important gear decision you’ll make. Whether you’re new to OCR or a veteran Spartan, only the top technology in traction, control, flexibility, and drainage will power you through unforgiving obstacles and unpredictable terrain so you can bag your strongest race day yet. 

Knowing this, we first created the Spartan RD Pro by Craft in 2020 — an unparalleled, unbreakable trail mammoth that drives thousands of Spartans across finish lines as we returned to racing post-pandemic. (This shoe will continue to remain one of our reliably epic, go-to staples, so don’t worry. It’s not going anywhere.)

But, holding true to our values of living the Spartan Way (hint: Never. Stop. Improving. No excuses.), we went a step further to engineer the fastest shoe in the history of obstacle course racing. 

Best OCR Shoes In 2021

Enter: The Spartan X Craft OCR Speed Shoe. Taking the technology that made the RD Pro the meanest, most efficient racer on the market, we built this NEW ultra-responsive trail racer that’s even lighter — but equally aggressive — to rip through the world’s toughest obstacles and courses. The OCR Speed Shoe has one job: to support you as you destroy miles of wet earth, slick rock, soaking rope, heavy carries, muddy crawls, and whatever else we (or Mother Nature!) throw at you. 

Why? Because when you unleash on the course, the last thing you should worry about is what’s on your feet. So don’t. 

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Why Spartan X Craft OCR Speed Shoe Is Fast Anywhere and Tough Everywhere 

Best OCR Shoes In 2021

1. It’s Lightweight As Hell 

Coming in at just 320 grams (about 20+ grams lighter than most OCR kicks available), the OCR Speed cuts out extra weight without sacrificing stability, traction, or responsiveness. In fact, the rugged outsole with a dual-layer lug system recruits the most durable rubbers to power you over insane, varying outdoor surfaces, but utilizes a cutting-edge design to save on unnecessary materials that would otherwise create extra weight. Think: Every component of this shoe has a purpose — no extra frills allowed.

2. Efficiency = Its Essence, Durability = Its Core

We know Spartans (from pro athletes to beginner racers) loved the RD Pros for good reason. Hell, Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena put them through the ultimate test. He ran them over with a Jeep, crushed them with 50,000 lbs of pressure from an excavator, soaked them in saltwater overnight, and pounded out 100 trail miles. The results? Zero issues and optimal race-course execution. 

“If the 300 Spartans in ancient Sparta had this shoe when they attacked Thermopylae as they fought the Persians, they probably would have won,” De Sena says. “This shoe is so badass.” 

Now, take all of that durability, power, and technology and envision an ultra-light, ultra-fast race silhouette. Boom: You have the OCR Speed. Same efficiency, faster travel — no shortcuts, only performance-driven results.

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Best OCR Shoes In 2021

3. It Destroys Obstacles With Ease, Every Time

Taking trail running and tackling obstacles to the next level, the OCR Speed combines Hydrain™ water evacuation, X-Flex omnidirectional lugs, a high-performance nylon-blend upper, and a reverse contoured heel to eliminate unwanted friction. In other words: The OCR Speed will never absorb water to slow you down. The X-shaped forefoot patterning guarantees optimum grip over rough terrain, and its fit, form, and function not only propel you forward ASAP, but are also designed to prevent injuries that screw your long game.

Pick up your pair of Spartan by Craft OCR Speed Shoes — the ultra-lightweight racing silhouette that mirrors the best in superior drainage, state-of-the-art traction, responsive cushioning, and unbreakable durability. NEW and available NOW for $150 in Men’s and Women’s.