Where Will the Five Spartan U.S. National Series Races Be in 2023?

Where Will the Five Spartan U.S. National Series Races Be in 2023?
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The Spartan United States National Series, presented by USANA, adopted an Age Group focus for the first time in 2022, and featured five epic race weekends throughout Florida, California, Utah, and South Carolina. Hometown heroes from across the country came out to conquer two Sprints, one Super, and two Beasts, and the racers' best three out of five races counted toward their final score. (To see the official scoring criteria, click here.)

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This year, we're bringing the Age Group U.S. National Series back to the 2023 calendar, but with some notable changes. In alignment with Elite officiating, Age Group competitors will face penalty loops rather than burpee penalties at failed obstacles. Plus, we've added a new, extremely taxing venue to the series this year. If you're ready to tackle an epic year of racing and put your stamp on the Spartan leaderboard, here's every race in which you'll want to compete in 2023.

The Five 2023 Spartan Age Group U.S. National Series Races

1. Jacksonville Sprint (Occurred on Feb. 26, 2023)

Welcome to WW Ranch Motocross Park, the home of the season's first USNS race and located just 20 minutes from downtown Jacksonville. This fan-favorite course is fast and flat, hopping from soft, sandy track sections to open pastures. You race along the motocross trails, in and around the beautiful lake, and right through a legendary clay pigeon graveyard on the property.

2. Big Bear Super (May 21, 2023) 

We're back at Big Bear Mountain Resort, one of the most rewarding race venues in the world. Get ready for climbs, climbs and more climbs that will take you as high as 8,200 feet above sea level. What goes up must come down, so get ready to bomb over 1,200 feet of descent. Be warned — this is a race your calves will never forget.

3. Utah Super (July 9, 2023)

A former venue of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Mount Ogden’s roots are rich in competitive spirit (and seasoned Spartans have been tested time and time again on these stomping grounds). Here, you will traverse technical terrain, muscle your way through punishing obstacles, and conquer a 3,000-foot vertical climb with views so breathtaking that you might just (momentarily) forget about the pain.

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4. West Virginia Beast (Aug. 26, 2023)

Summit Bechtel Reserve is widely known for its natural beauty, unbeatable white-water rafting and youth scouting programs that teach leadership, character, and fitness. Now, it's the newest addition to the U.S. National Series schedule. This course's vast array of hills, steep inclines, water features, and technical terrain will test your grit and keep you guessing. You'll run across a huge suspension bridge and take in spectacular views of the valley at this unforgettable venue. Are you ready?

5. San Luis Obispo Beast (Nov. 4, 2023)

The final race of the 2023 U.S. National Series, this beast of a course (literally) will force you to give it all you've got. San Luis Obispo County offers sunny days and star-studded nights, which await you at Santa Margarita Ranch, one of the largest operating vineyards in an area known for its wine production. As you fight to the finish, you'll dash through rows of growing grapevines during bud break and in epic open landscapes, surrounded by the towering Los Padres National Forest. You'll even take in views of wildlife and a fossilized oyster bed.

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