Spartan 2018 Photos of the Year

Spartan 2018 Photos of the Year
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Spartan Photos of the Year

Another year of Spartan racing is in the books. From sprints to Beasts to Supers to championships to the Honor Series to the Mountain Series and an ever-growing Spartan Kids scene, Spartans from around the globe took to the trails, the obstacles, the mountains, a variety of climates and even Sparta itself. Oh yeah: And lots of burpees. Below are our top three photos of the year and a  bonus gallery of pictures worth seeing, proving that a photo really is worth a 1000 words. Or more.

Racing in the SoCal Beast in the Tejon Ranch area north of Los Angeles on October 20, Christopher Tran scrambles downhill.
Adaptive athlete Mark Herbert is given an assist by Ashley Kuly and Michael Green on the lef tand Mark Herbert on the right. Representing More Hearts Than Scars (#MoreHeartThanScars on Facebook, a 501c nonprofit started in response to the Boston Marathon bombing). Herbert is a retired police officer.
Spartan kids start their race near the Black Mountain, N.C., August 4, in the Ashville Super and Sprint Weekend.

And more of our favorite shots of you, the community that makes Spartan what it is.

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