These Natural Post-Race Kidney Cleanses Will Help You Detox and Function Optimally

These Natural Post-Race Kidney Cleanses Will Help You Detox and Function Optimally

Kidneys take a beating during times of extreme, extended exertion, but there are natural ways to give them a bit of support. There's a host of beneficial foods, nutrients, and herbal teas and drinks that can aid in kidney cleansing, detox, and optimal functioning.

Hydrate Properly

Kidneys need water to create the urine that flushes out the majority of the waste in our bodies. So what happens when you don’t drink enough water? Essentially, waste starts backing up in your kidneys, and that can lead to kidney stones.

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Eat the Right Foods

In recent studies, brown seaweed was shown to help reduce kidney damage from diabetes. Cranberries have been associated with a drop in urinary tract infections, and foods that have lots of calcium — like tofu or fortified cereals — help to reduce the possibility of kidney stones. Calcium binds with a compound called urinary oxalate, which contributes to kidney stones. When it’s combined with calcium, that oxalate can be more easily excreted from your system.

Drink the Right Beverages and Herbal Teas

A variety of drinks and herbal teas have attributes that can cleanse kidneys or reduce kidney damage. Such examples are stinging nettle, sambong — an herb often used in the Philippines and Asia — and hydrangea. In the case of hydrangea, a recent study showed that hydrangea can help to mitigate aspects of kidney disease. 

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Fuel Up With the Right Nutrients

Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil can be very beneficial to kidneys. Because Americans tend to have more Omega-6 oils, which can contribute to kidney stones, taking a fish-oil supplement can add more beneficial Omega-3s. In addition, Omega-3s actually slow down the metabolic processes of Omega-6s. Taking Vitamin B6 can also reduce the oxalates that help create kidney stones.  

Our kidneys work very hard to rid waste, help with fluid balance, and even make some hormones. After a tough race, they need a little TLC!

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