The Plant-Based Spartan Boss Meal Plan That Will Help You Live to 100

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The Plant-Based Spartan Boss Meal Plan That Will Help You Live to 100
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Lexus redesigns its cars and SUVs so they stay fresh and they’re ALWAYS better than the ones that came before. Spartans are no different. They’re always redesigning the way they train, eat, and think — whether it’s to prepare for the next unbreakable feat or overcoming obstacles like injury or age. In this five-part series, we spoke with Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena about how redesigning his training, nutrition, and recovery over the years has forged him into the Unbreakable CEO that he is today. 

The reason why Spartan CEO Joe De Sena's meal plan is mostly plant-based is a little simpler than you might think: “If my mother and father were big meat eaters — if they believed in it, talked about it, and gave us all of the benefits as kids — I'd probably be a big meat eater, but my mom believed in plant-based,” De Sena says. 

And it’s not just his mom’s advice. His doctors agree.

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“I do get examined and get my blood checked every once in a while, and — knock on wood — things look good,” he says. “Maybe it’s my own mind telling myself, but people are always amazed that when I work out, I don't really sweat much or seem like I’m struggling very much."

So, how does he do it, day after day? Here, the Unbreakable CEO provides an inside look at the plant-based meal plan he's using to fuel a long, healthy life. 

Joe De Sena's Plant-Based Meal Plan That Will Redesign Your Body and Life

9 a.m: Breakfast 

This is De Sena’s first meal. He’ll have an unsweetened green juice along and a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, flaxseed, and chia seeds.

12 p.m.: Lunch 

He’ll go for a walk and pick up brown rice, tofu, edamame, seaweed, and scallions. 

8 p.m.: Dinner

This meal is typically some sort of fish along with quinoa and veggies.

Redesigning His Servings

During De Sena’s heavy competition or endurance-based days, his body requires immense amounts of food — especially carbohydrates — to fuel his workouts.

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“I was a ferocious eater when I was a long-distance athlete with events back to back to back,” he says. “I just couldn’t stop eating.”

But over the years, as he’s shifted his energy from athletic endeavors to building a global brand, he’s significantly scaled back how much he eats into smaller serving sizes.

De Sena's No. 1 Unbreakable Rule to Fueling Performance

Stay away from anything packaged and processed.

“The easier it is for your body to digest, the more energy you’ll have to do the thing you’re looking to do,” he says.

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