Do You Have Spartan Blood? Here’s the System That’ll Optimize Your Insides

Do You Have Spartan Blood? Here’s the System That’ll Optimize Your Insides

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So you think you’re fit, but are you actually healthy? Yes, we Spartans are tough, gritty and determined to do our best. We run a million mph in true productive fashion (think: from crushing it at work to dominating daily HIIT sessions, and from juggling kids to schedules to grocery shopping.) We of all people know life gets busy. But we kill it anyway. 

The constant danger, though, is letting your program slip. When it comes to what you eat, how you sleep, and your training routine, every micro detail matters. Vigilance is key. Nothing can be overlooked if you want to operate at your prime 100% of the time. No excuses. 

That’s where InsideTracker comes in handy to support your fitness and wellness goals, so you don’t have to think so much. It’s an ultra-personalized nutrition platform that analyzes your blood, DNA and lifestyle habits (like Zzzs and stress) to help you maximize your performance on all levels—cellular to macro. Then, and only then, can you put your best foot forward. 

Spartan CEO and Founder Joe De Sena has been using InsideTracker for five years, and swears by it. He gets his blood checked at least a few times per year, and edits his nutrition habits and lifestyle to maintain a Spartan-strong body and mind. “It’s about controlling the things you can control,” he says. “There are certain hereditary issues that are tough to deal with, yes, but you’re an idiot if you’re not controlling the things you can control, like eating a pint of ice cream every day, or reaching for processed food, or not getting enough fiber, or not paying attention to your blood.” 

Using InsideTracker, he says, has been a game changer to understand and optimize his body—more than any other fitness watch or app. Plus, it may help you live a better, longer life, and even race faster, too. Here’s the deal. 

Why Blood Biomarkers Should Matter to You

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Why care about blood composition? Because your blood can tell you a lot about your nutritional and physiological status, which directly impacts athletic performance, according to a recent study published in Sports Medicine. When certain biomarkers are up or down, you can use that information to adjust your lifestyle and ensure you’re getting the proper nutritional balance, sleep and workouts to operate at your best. 

“There’s 40-something biomarkers in your blood, and in the old days, you’d get a blood test back with barely digestible data that was impossible to figure out how to use,” says De Sena. “Now, with InsideTracker, you get a clear image of what’s going on with your blood so you can make changes.”

Beyond the body-chemistry benefits InsideTracker brings, there’s a psychological bonus, too, which can help you live the Spartan Way, every single day. “It kicks you into gear and gives you data to make actionable changes and lifestyle edits that undoubtedly boost performance,” De Sena says. It’s almost too easy—and that’s the point. 

3 Ways InsideTracker Will Optimize You, Across the Board

1. With Proper Nutrition + Timing, You Can Sleep 3X Better

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De Sena says InsideTracker helped him solidify an optimized pre-bedtime routine. He discovered that when he ate his last meal further away from hitting the pillow, his body was ready to wind down and drop into REM that much faster. “If I close my eating window three hours or more before bed, and take a cold shower (as hard as it is), I triple my sleep quality,” he says. 

While sleep hygiene is different for everyone, InsideTracker can help you discern what’s best for you so you’re not tossing, turning and tired. Everyone knows better sleep equals better performance and better recovery. Don’t believe us? A recent study in the International Journal of Sports Medicine proved it. 

2. It Keeps You Honest with What You Consume

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So you aim to eat healthy, and that’s no doubt a good thing. But are you eating the way you should be? InsideTracker looks at your DNA, blood and body composition from a personalized perspective so you can make your diet work for you. For example, some athletes who subscribe to paleo, keto or intermittent fasting will see major results in weight maintenance. Others, not so much.

“While it didn’t really change my working out or cold showers or burpees, it edited my diets,” says De Sena. “I’ve always leaned plant based, but I would slip in a little too much ultra-processed foods or bowls of rice, so I became more stringent on eating only natural foods.” When he did slip and start eating more animal protein, he says, the results of the next blood test would show it. “My LDL cholesterol would go up. It might seem like an innocent meatball, but it shows up on a blood test. If you consistently pay attention and adjust, and ten years go by, you can’t say ‘I messed up my body’.” 

3. It Helps You Age Better & Improve Your ‘InnerAge’

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When it comes to growing old well (think: dodging disease and staying active) there are two things that matter. First, calendar age, of course. This, you can’t change. For example, you likely won’t run the same mile pace at 20 years old than you would at 75. Your later-life training plan later should look different for joint health and sustainability, among other factors.

But second, and perhaps even more intriguing, is your InnerAge—your biological age. This can be determined by the biomarkers in your blood. Essentially, it’s a comprehensive measurement of how you’ve treated your body over time. This, you can adjust to a degree. With diet overhauls, intentional sleep, stress-busting tools and more, you can play with your biological age to develop healthier habits for longevity and vitality. The good news? It’s never too late to start. But you need data, goals and a support system. Consider InsideTracker your new best fitness-forward friend. 

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