This Natural, Healthy Herb Will Boost Your Energy and Endurance

This Natural, Healthy Herb Will Boost Your Energy and Endurance

Rhodiola can help your body recover from stress and fight fatigue, and it can support the body as it adapts to different environmental stressors like high altitude.

From Russia With Love

Native to China, Russia, and Mongolia, the herb has been used in Russian folklore medicine for centuries, and it caught the interest of Russian scientists in the 1950s. They heard about its health and vitality-promoting properties, and began conducting research to get a better understanding of its clinical properties and application. They were so impressed with what they found that they started giving it to Russian cosmonauts and their Olympic athletes. They believed that the cosmonauts recovered more quickly from space-induced ill-effects, and that it boosted their Olympic athletes' endurance.

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It's Safe, But Consult Your Doctor First

One of the most well-researched adaptogens, Rhodiola is generally regarded as a safe, nontoxic herb. But before taking any herbal supplements of any kind, make sure to check with your doctor in case you have specific medical needs that might affect your use of it (or of any other herbs, for that matter).

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The Final Word (+ How to Consume It!)

Rhodiola can help enhance stamina and exercise recovery, and help the body adjust to stress-related conditions (such as jet lag). You can incorporate it into your diet in a number of ways. It can be consumed in capsule form, as a powder in a healthy smoothie or beverage, or in herbal tea. Siberians, in fact, have been known to infuse it with vodka! (To be clear, we do not recommend doing that.)

If you're looking for a natural, healthy option to support and push your body and mind — and who isn't? — Rhodiola is a terrific option.

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