How Data Can Impact Optimal Performance, According to WHOOP's Founder

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Should you eat before you go to bed? What’s the best time to train hard? What’s the simplest way to improve sleep? 

Three pillars — strain, recovery, and sleep — are vital to peak performance, according to WHOOP's founder, Will Ahmed. We are all trying to become the healthiest versions of ourselves, yet there are some physiological indicators that can’t necessarily be felt. They can, however, be measured.

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In fact, groundbreaking data from WHOOP tracking previously enabled a professional golfer to identify COVID-19 before he had any known symptoms. Information is power, and on this episode of the Spartan Up! podcast, Ahmed shares data patterns gleaned from hundreds of thousands of users, and you can implement them today. Measurements can motivate!

7 Essential Lessons From WHOOP's Founder, Will Ahmed 

  1. Train optimally. 
  2. Use information as a preventative tool.
  3. Strain, recovery, and sleep are the three pillars.
  4. Routines are key.
  5. You can manage things you measure. 
  6. Measurements can motivate.
  7. Sleep consistency is paramount.

Listen to the podcast in its entirety below.

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