A Post-Pandemic Message From Joe De Sena: 'Enjoy the Process'

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If you’re having trouble re-starting the engine following over a year of lockdowns, you’re not alone. After years of hosting the Spartan UP! podcast, Spartan CEO Joe De Sena takes this solo episode to reflect on the why behind hundreds of episodes and impactful interviews. 

Joe, who is in the self-proclaimed business of "social undistancing," discusses the difficulties of convincing employees to return to the office in a timely manner and notes that there's nothing wrong with feeling like you're stuck in a rut right now. The real problem, he says, is staying there.

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On this episode of the Spartan UP! podcast, Joe contemplates the virtually limitless studies and pieces of wisdom that he's picked up over the years to help you get gritty and get back in the game by fully immersing yourself in the process.

Listen to the podcast in its entirety below.

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