4 Inspiring, Motivational Tips from Fit Moms for Mother's Day

4 Inspiring, Motivational Tips from Fit Moms for Mother's Day

All moms should get a medal of honor this year. Whether you're juggling a full-time job and shepherding your kids' online Zoom classes, or grocery shopping for the entire month ahead (mask and all), somehow you're doing the damn thing. Without warning, life has changed dramatically in the past several weeks. And now, more than ever, it's important to take care of yourself first, so you can show up for your family.

But, we get it... between conference calls and endless sanitization, it's hard to find the time. The good news? By keeping things simple, self care becomes that much more manageable. In honor of Mother's Day, we pulled together a few of our favorite tips to stay healthy from motivational mothers slaying it every day. (Hint: it's not about being perfect! It's about taking well-deserved time for yourself.)

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(Doable, Digestible!) Mother's Day Fitness Tips from IG Pros

1. Make Time to Workout, No Matter What

As Paola and Pamela Del Hierro (@IronTwins_Fitness) will attest, when you're juggling kiddos, it's about not only taking the time to workout, but MAKING the time to workout. Life piles up like crazy. From dirty dishes to taxes to now managing your kids in quarantine, it's easy to feel like your fitness should take a backseat to the rest of your to-do list. We say, screw that noise. Power through those less motivational moments and don't feel guilty for choosing yourself. (Because by becoming your fittest, happiest you, it's much easier to put your best foot forward for your family.)


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#13weekspostpartum How do I find the time to workout? I MAKE it. Exercise for me is a non negotiable, I don’t THINK I just DO. And no, I’m not always motivated, I’m only human AND I have 2 kids😜. But I have goals and I am determined to get my strength back so I can do the things I love to do and take care of my family feeling fully charged. Btw how big and beautiful is my baby girl!😍 — Do, or do not, there is no try.👊#noexcuses #postpartumbody #mentalstrength . . . . #goals #habit #postpartum #postpartumbelly #pregnancyjourney #strongereveryday #fitpregnancy #mother #momstrong #fitmom #motherhood #fitnesscoach #personaltrainer #fitpregnancy #afterbirth #fitmomlife #fitover40 #motherof2 #love #happiness #IronBabies #quaranTAN #Irontwins

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2. Break a Sweat with Your Kiddos

Okay, this is simple, but genius. Since we're all stuck at home right now, (and as a mom, you might be ready to tear your hair out!), it's now more crucial than ever to burn through anxious energy. Your kids are feeling it too, so breaking a sweat with them is a fun, effective way to get your heart rates up, and calm quarantine anxiety. Spartan SGX Coach and mom April Sherman (@AprilSherman_SGX) recommends doing this workout with your kids (all you need is a heavy bag of rice or potatoes!). Think: lots of jumping, with a mini-obstacle-course vibe—so your kids stay engaged, and you can burn off excess energy.

3. Breathe. (And Then Breathe Again.)

In uncertain times, it's both scary and impossible to see what's around the corner. But really, pandemic or no pandemic, there will always be stressors. And sometimes as a mom, you just can't get away for a longer workout. SGX Coach Christy Scott (@FitnessOnTheMoveLLC) says when things get complicated, just go back to your breath. The simple act of breathing can bring you back to center, no matter what you're going through. And on days where workouts just won't fit into your schedule, at the very least, take 5-10 minutes for yourself to meditate and do some breathing exercises. (Working on your mind, after all, is part of your fitness regimen, too!)


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Just breathe... Everything’s going to be ok. ... ... #onaquest #questsquad #breathe #takeamoment #questearthday #ad

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4. Treat Yo'Self

Feeling some low-carb, chocolatey goodness to celebrating you being a kick-butt mom? Go ahead, you deserve it. Mom and fit foodie Jennifer Fisher (@TheFitFork) has you covered with her easy-t0-make, ultra delicious Chocolate Mint Fat Bombs. They only require three ingredients (yes, protein powder included!) and you don't even have to bake them.


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Needed a low-carb treat, so came up with Chocolate Mint Fat Bombs today, based on ingredients I had in the pantry. I ALWAYS have a huge stash of protein powder on hand, so I pulled out the Chocolate Mint Gold Standard Whey from @OptimumNutriton - you can also use plain chocolate whey powder. Not hard to whip up, only 3 ingredients, and no-bake, however comes out best with a silicone candy molds or mini muffin tins. Macros: 141 calories per piece, 12g total fat (10 saturated), 3.2g net carb, 6.5g protein Recipe below, happy Sunday Funday! . ½ cup coconut oil (reserve 1 tsp) 1 cup protein powder 6 Tbsp sugar-free chocolate chips . Melt coconut oil in small sauce pan, pull out 1 tsp and put in microwave-safe bowl with chocolate chips. Stir protein into sauce pan, stirring quickly until thickening up (about 30 seconds). Scoop out mixture by the 1 tablespoon-full and pour into molds/tins. Stick in freezer for 30 minutes to set. Place coconut oil and chocolate chips in the microwave and cook in 15 second increments, stirring between, until melted and glossy. Take protein mixture out of freezer and spoon over top until covered. Set back in freezer to set for 15 minutes, store in fridge. . #quarantinesnacks #SnackInPlace #proteinpowder #optimumnutrition #whatieat #fatbombs #lowcarb #keto #hangry #sundayfunday #quaranTime #eatingfortheinsta #makingmuscles #iifym #yummythings #chocolate #getinmybelly #pantryrecipe #makethisnow #currentlyeating #thefitfork #runnerfood #spartaneaats #macros #fitfam #favoritethings #protein #getripped #eatfattogetlean #lookinglikeasnack

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