Podcast 153: Vanessa O’Brien | A Mountaineer’s Life Lessons

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Do lessons learned behind a desk transfer to physical challenges? This week’s guest says yes! When you stop scaling corporate ladders, what do you climb next? For Vanessa O’Brien the answer is, well, everything. The steeper and more difficult, the better.

She applied what she learned in the challenging environment of the Fortune 500 (Provident, Bank of America, Barclays) to the natural environment in a dramatic way. The extreme conditions taught her valuable lessons about happiness and success. Growing up, she was thrust into a challenging situation as well. Learn how O’Brien has combined all these life lessons into a satisfying and productive life.

Among the advice she shares:

  1. The three S’s of success—speed, simplicity, and self-confidence—apply as well on the mountain as behind the desk.
  2. Never be afraid to try something new or make a change. What’s the worst that can happen? You have to backtrack or change directions. So what!
  3. You will fail, and when you do, don’t panic. It just means you’re getting closer to success.

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