This Is How to Change Your Life in 12 Hours

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Want to change your life in 12 hours? Shut off your phone, step out of your front door, walk for 12 hours straight, and go meet your true self.

That's the premise behind 10-time world-record-breaking explorer Colin O'Brady's book, The 12-Hour Walk. Being the first person to ever cross Antarctica solo (and on foot), having climbed Mount Everest twice, and having rowed a boat across the treacherous Drake Passage, O'Brady has tackled some of the most physically and mentally taxing feats in the world. But when he thinks of life's experiences on a scale of one to 10 — as he often does — the explorer finds that most people are caught in what he calls the "Zone of Comfortable Complacency": a mere, mediocre "four to six" on the life scale.

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"People want the 10s, but they're not willing to experience the ones," he says. "All of my deeply, most fulfilled moments are not in spite of my ones, but they're because of my ones."

On this episode of the The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena podcast, O'Brady explains to Spartan CEO Joe De Sena just how the 12-hour walk works, as well as how to fit the life-changing experience into your own busy schedule (and why you'll never regret it). 

"There are no excuses for this, because there's no race," O'Brady says. "It's not about who can go the furthest, who can go the fastest, or who can go the longest."

Listen to the podcast in its entirety below.

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