The Edge Ep. 1: Stepping Back From the Edge After a Nearly 30-Year Addiction

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The majority of people aren’t willing to do what it takes to find success. They’re willing to push themselves and work hard, but they stop there. Others forge forward, enduring whatever mental and physical obstacles appear before them. Some refer to this point between comfort and discomfort as one’s breaking point. We call it "The Edge," and it’s where our story begins.

The Edge, presented by Lexus, profiles three Spartans who are used to living in the discomfort zone. We’ll learn what makes them tick, how they train, and — most importantly — how they venture past "The Edge" to find success where others don’t.

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In 1983, Jon Crosby was on his way home for lunch — just cruising on his motorcycle — when a sharp turn sent him flying off of the bike. After bouncing twice on the pavement and landing on a fire hydrant, Crosby had broken his pelvis, hip, back, coccyx, sacroiliac, pubic bone, and five ribs. 

Had Crosby landed one or two more millimeters away from where he did, it would have killed him. Instead, opiates almost did. 

From 30 Years of Addiction to Dominating Spartan Races

Over the next several weeks, Crosby was permitted to receive pain relief in the form of a shot or a pill every few hours. 

"The doctors told me, 'You're going to get hooked on this stuff, but don't worry. We'll wean you off of it,'" he says. 

However, those few weeks would be the beginning of a nearly 30-year battle to overcome various addictions, successfully complete multiple stays in rehabilitation centers, find new purpose in life, step back from The Edge, and set a prime example for his daughter of what "hard work" truly means.

This is how he did it. 

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