Tougher Road Ahead for New Olympic Sports

Tougher Road Ahead for New Olympic Sports
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Concerns that the Olympic Games have become to big for their own good, the International Olympic Committee is reportedly developing a new and more difficult for new sports to make the slate, according to

According to the report the new policy would specifically affect the addition of new sports to the Paris 2024 Olympic program, like OCR.

Concerns over the spiraling costs and additional burden that staging Olympics incurs are cited for the possible change.

The cost of the Summer Olympics in Rio has been estimated to have been as much as $20 billion dollars against reported revenues of $3.3 billion. 

IOC sports director Kit McConnell confirmed to InsidetheGames that policy changes were under consideration.

"While we can not comment on any discussions and proposals being put forward to the Executive Board, you are correct in saying that the overall size of the Games and principles of Olympic Agenda 2020 and the New Norm will be an important consideration, along with an efficient process for Paris 2024 to make proposals to the IOC on events in new sports if they wish to use this opportunity," McConnell said.

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