Do Burpees, Help Veterans: Take the Burpees for Vets Challenge

Do Burpees, Help Veterans: Take the Burpees for Vets Challenge
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If you've been racing with us for awhile, you probably know how important the military is to us. We greatly admire the servicemen and servicewomen of the United States for their incredible bravery, their selflessness, their toughness, their resilience, and their desire to keep us safe and free.

You probably also know that we LOVE burpees. There's a reason Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena does them every morning, and why they're a staple of every Spartan race. The burpee is the ultimate Spartan exercise. It's efficient. It's effective. It's all bodyweight. And, of course, it's hard.

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In honor of these two passions, on this Veterans Day we're encouraging all of our racers, and their friends and families, to take the Burpees for Vets challenge. In addition to honoring United States veterans, the goal of the #BurpeesForVets challenge is to provide these heroes with resources and opportunities to help them excel and thrive in their everyday lives.

The process is simple: After registering, you'll set up a 1-on-1 session with a fundraising coach to set up a personalized plan and fundraising goal. Then you'll share your goal with friends and family and secure donations. For every dollar that you raise, that's how many burpees you'll have to do on Veterans Day. Top athletes and top fundraisers will receive exclusive prizes, including a VIP invitation to a SEALFIT Veterans Day event and a Hypervolt 2 percussion massager.

One-hundred percent of proceeds will go to five highly-vetted, solution-focused nonprofit organizations that help veterans transition out of service. Those five organizations are Warriors' Ascent, The Mark Divine Courage Foundation, Bunker Labs, The Honor Foundation, and TEAM RWB.

And if you raise $500 and crush 500 burpees, you'll unlock a free ticket to any Spartan race of your choice

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Follow the three steps below to take the #BurpeesForVets challenge.

1. Register for the challenge at and join your community (if you're doing it as part of a community). There are currently SGX and Spartan Ambassador communities, and you can create your Spartan team here.

2. Connect with your campaign coach to set your burpee goal and receive a customized fundraising plan.

3. Secure your donations.

4. Complete your burpees on Veterans Day.

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