Introducing SpartanTV, Your 24/7 Home for Unbreakable Spartan Content

Presented by Spartan Training®

As Spartan has grown from just an obstacle course racing company into a truly global extreme wellness brand, so too has our commitment to creating content that resonates with our customers. 

And over the past few years, we've created a lot of content: full race previews and recaps, original episodic series, educational courses, podcasts with some of the highest-performing achievers on Earth, instructive training programming, and so much more.

Now, for the first time, all of that content has a home. Spartan, in partnership with FAST Studios, recently launched SpartanTV, a free, 24/7 linear streaming channel that will house all of Spartan's premium programming. 

Where Can I Watch SpartanTV?

SpartanTV is currently accessible on Xumo, and it will soon be available on LGPlexLocal Now, and AiryTV.  

If you already have one of those video platforms, you can access SpartanTV in the guide. If you don't currently have any of them, simply download one of their apps and sign up to watch. You can also watch on your mobile device.

SpartanTV is live, with 24/7 Spartan lifestyle programming, on the aforementioned connected TV platforms, and select programming is available on demand.

How Much Content Will Be at My Fingertips?

SpartanTV features more than 350 hours of original content, more than 50 hours of live coverage and past highlights from Spartan races across the globe, more than 20 original shows, exclusive new episodic series, never-before-seen documentaries, live workouts, and more.

In addition to Spartan-specific content, SpartanTV will also feature can't-miss documentaries and series about some of the toughest, grittiest athletes and endurance events in the world. Stay tuned for those in the coming months.

What, Specifically, Will Be on SpartanTV?

We will continually be creating new content to be featured on SpartanTV, but here's a little taste of what will be offered on the channel.

Do Hard Shit

This six-part series, presented by Mike's Hard Lemonade Seltzer, pits Spartan Master Coach Trevor Franklin against some insanely difficult challenges. The catch? He has no idea what he'll be doing until right before he begins. SpartanTV will feature mashups of the first two episodes, plus brand new episodes airing monthly.

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Complete Race Coverage and Highlights

Our video team on the ground captures everything on race day, from the Open racers to the Elites to the sensational scenery. Additionally, our OCR experts provide commentary and analysis to ensure that you're fully covered from every angle. Look out for live coverage of the biggest races in the world, plus encore footage of some of the most memorable races from the past.

Unbreakable CEO

One of our most popular original series to date, Unbreakable CEO followed Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena as he attempted to save his business during the darkest days of COVID-19. SpartanTV will feature mashups from Episodes 1-3 of the hit series.

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Spartan Up! Podcasts

On the Spartan Up! podcast, De Sena picks the brains of some of the smartest, toughest, most resilient people in the world. Past guests have included Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Wim Hof, Arianna Huffington, C.T. Fletcher, and so many more. We'll replay some of the top episodes, plus brand new ones. 

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Original Documentaries

Every single time we do something epic — hosting an Agoge, putting on the La Ruta Mountain Bike Challenge, challenging racers to win three consecutive championships with $1 million on the line — we make sure that we document it. SpartanTV will be unleashing some of our most revered documentaries. Make sure to tune in to the 2019 Race to a Million documentary, which is currently airing on the channel. (Before you do, check out the 2018 Race to a Million video below.)