Do Hard Shit, Ep. 5: Trevor Franklin Vs. Swimming With Bull Sharks

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In Do Hard Shit, Spartan Master Coach Trevor Franklin attempts some of the hardest feats imaginable, all of which are complete surprises. You can watch the entire series now on Spartan's YouTube channel and on SpartanTV, and you can also watch them here.

To this point in the Do Hard Shit series, Spartan Master Coach Trevor Franklin has faced some of the world's most grueling challenges — challenges that nearly every sane person on the planet would classify as their worst fears. But despite tackling DEKA FIT, Spartan's most difficult U.S. Ultra 50K (with 60 obstacles), an elite rugby match, and the Spartan Death Race (arguably the world's toughest race), Trevor had — until recently — left his own worst fear untouched: swimming in open water ... with sharks.

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For the series finale, it was only right that — armed with Dramamine — Trevor dove head-first into Florida's 120-foot-deep ocean waters, which were absolutely teeming with top-three apex predator bull sharks.

Watch Trevor face his ultimate fear in the full episode above. 

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