NEVER DONE With Grant Mccartney, Ep. 1: The Broken Wrist Strategy

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In NEVER DONE, presented by Titan FitnessGrant Mccartney, American Ninja Warrior and obstacle specialist, meets up with UNBREAKABLE people from all walks of life in gyms across the country to swap stories, training tips, and unpack what makes them unbreakable, on and off the race course.

Everyone who has ever called themselves an athlete or has accomplished an impressive physical feat (such as completing an obstacle course race for the first time) started their fitness journey somewhere. Some people just pure love hard work and dedication. For those people, committing to becoming a better version of themselves every day is the easy part. 

But for most people, there was a defining moment in their lives where innocent motivation became unwavering discipline. No matter how badly they want to skip a workout or how terrible of a day they've experienced, dedicated people get it done. While some people find excuses, these people lean in, accepting that while there are variables that they cannot control, they are capable of focusing on what they can control.

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These people — those that are truly UNBREAKABLE — have the power to uplift and strengthen everyone around them. They bring that grit, that iron, and that fire to everything they do. Skate legend Neen Williams is one of those people.

On the first episode of NEVER DONE, presented by Titan Fitness, Island Ninja Grant Mccartney forges a path through the unknown with Williams. Over just two days, the two legendary athletes hit the skate park, the gym, and the kitchen, and finally make their way to toeing the line at a Spartan obstacle race course. Every step of the way, they become unbreakable.

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