LISTEN: Arianna Huffington, Joe De Sena Talk Burnout (Hint: It's REAL — and Dangerous)

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While building the incredibly successful Huffington Post — since renamed HuffPost Arianna Huffington suddenly collapsed. The diagnosis? Burnout. Yes, burnout is a real, medical condition, and it threatens our health and well-being.

Over the next few years, the author and businesswoman explored the consequences, the cure, and the prevention of burnout. Today, it's her life's work. Huffington has gone to great lengths to spread the anti-burnout gospel, writing books — through her books like Thrive and The Sleep Revolution — and founding Thrive Global, which teaches resilience and behavior change.

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In this candid discussion on the Spartan Up! podcastHuffington shares her journey and the pillars of good mental and physical health. Plus, she encourages Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena to take a look at his health in a new way.

Listen to the podcast in its entirety below.

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