Mountain Series presented by U.S. Air Force

Introducing the 2018 Spartan Mountain Series: Presented by U.S. Air Force. 6 Mountains with more than 29,000 feet of total elevation, more than 80 miles and 250 obstacles, this series will test your limits like nothing before. Prepare for unrelenting climbs, steep descents, and carries that seem just a little bit heavier than normal.

It’s time to climb. Do you have what it takes to reach the top?


Date Location Race Types Sign Up
5/5 Montana Beast*/Sprint RACE NOW
6/9 Minneapolis Sprint RACE NOW
7/14 Palmerton Super*/Sprint RACE NOW
8/18 Colorado Rockies Ultra/Beast*/Sprint RACE NOW
9/15 Killington Ultra/Beast*/Sprint RACE NOW
10/27 Tri-State, NJ Super* RACE NOW

* Indicates that race is eligible for prize money.


Where do you stack up?

More than $50,000 in Prize money will be awarded to the top 10 Men and Women Elite Heat Finishers, for each of the 6 Series’ events as well as the overall Series leaders.

Elite Series Prize Money

  • 1st Place (Male/Female): $800
  • 2nd Place (Male/Female): $600
  • 3rd Place (Male/Female): $400

Overall Series Prize Money

  • 1st Place (Male/Female): $3,000
  • 2nd Place (Male/Female): $1,500
  • 3rd Place (Male/Female): $800