The Spartan Trifecta

You’re determined and hungry for more. Are you committed to putting in the work? You are. You won’t stop until you have a Sprint, Super and Beast Finisher Medal in your hands.

Earn Your Medals!

Conquer the Spartan Sprint, Super and Beast in one calendar year to complete your TRIFECTA. It’s a fact that commitment holds us accountable. Accountable to train, eat and think like a Spartan. Commit to the TRIFECTA and push your mind, body, and spirit to achieve the strongest, fastest and most resilient version of yourself.


Shaun T is a man of many hats. He’s a motivational speaker, fitness guru, choreographer and father of twins. In 2018, Shaun decided to add another title to his resume: Trifecta Tribe member.

Join Shaun as he works towards his first-ever Trifecta. This four-part video series follows his journey through injury, triumph, rope climbing fails and plenty of mud.

Will he overcome these challenges and join the Tribe?


2019 Trifecta World Championship

 -  The Tribe is Calling


Completing six Trifectas in one year is no small task. Doing so while navigating the challenges of Cerebral Palsy is a feat in of itself.

But Georgie Ly is doing it. The Queens-born math professor is set to conquer 23 courses across the country in 2019.

Ly embraces the hardship of conquering each course, and pushes through with the support of his fellow Spartans.

“I’m just going to go and go and go,” said Ly, “because I know people will always help me.”


  • Unique Trifecta Medal (1/3 earned each race)
  • Travel to 3 great locations and meet awesome people
  • Qualify for the Trifecta World Championships in Sparta, Greece
  • Add your name on the annual Trifecta blanket
  • Trifecta Rankings - see where you stand world wide

What You'll Get?

  • Valid for 1 Sprint, 1 Super, and 1 Beast for Calendar Year (2019)
  • 1 Spectator Pass (to be used with Race Code)
  • Valid for all heats (including Elite & Age Group)
  • Valid on all continental US & Hawaii Events
  • Free Trifecta In Training Tech Tee

2019 Trifecta Pass

 -  $279.00 - Sign Up for a Trifecta Pass and save

Additional Trifecta Info

A member of the Spartan Trifecta Tribe finishes three Spartan races distances, either a 3 mile Stadion or Sprint, an 8 mile Super, plus one of either the 13 mile Beast or 30 mile Ultra - in a calendar year (January 1st - December 31st), anywhere in the world. You can earn multiple Trifectas in a single year, however, only one lap per day, per event will count toward this accomplishment.

The entire Ultra course needs to be completed for it to count. Only completing half does not result in a "Beast" towards your Trifecta.

If you run in both the Elite and Open series, still only ONE run through the course, per day, per event will count towards a trifecta.

The Hurricane Heat does not count toward a race Trifecta. The Hurricane Heat has its own Trifecta that can be earned by completing a 4 Hour, 12 Hour, and 24 Hour event.

You can run the races in any order, the Sprint does not need to be the first event. There is nothing special that you need to do to "claim" a trifecta medal, as you will earn the three pieces of it, as you complete your races during the season. All races in the world have the Trifecta Medal wedge piece attached to the Finisher Medal. Once you have your third piece, the three wedges magnetize together to complete one big Trifecta Medal.

There are also Trifecta Weekend all over the world that have unique Trifecta Medals awarded in addition to the Finisher Medals earned at that race.

If you are earning your X2 or higher Multi Trifecta Medal, these are available on site at the event. After you complete your race, head to the Trifecta Tent to be presented with your Multi-Trifecta Medal. (If there is no Trifecta Tent on site at the race, medals will be available in the Results Tent). Trifecta merchandise (shirts, medal holders, etc.) will be available for sale at the merchandise tent at all events, but no additional merchandise, other than medal pieces, will be provided to Trifecta finishers.

Please note: You do not need the Trifecta Pass to earn the Spartan Trifecta.


The Spartan Delta

The Delta is the ultimate Spartan trophy and collectible. Earn three Delta Wedges from each of Spartan’s core disciplines and achieve total resilience to earn this achievement. No two Deltas are quite the same. Each tells the unique tale of your path to resilience and glory.

Mind: Knowledge, selflessness and community. Centered around training, coaching and giving back to the Spartan community by helping others.

Body: Athleticism, strength and competition. The original Trifecta, earned by completing 1 Stadion or Sprint, 1 Super and 1 Beast or Ultra in a calendar year.

Spirit: Grueling tests of character and personal transformation through adversity. Spartan’s Extreme Endurance events are found here, including the Hurricane Heat and Agoge.

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