Workout of the Day: STRENGTH: July, 24, 2017

Workout of the Day: STRENGTH: July, 24, 2017
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"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." --Thomas Jefferson

Muscular Endurance is key to completing a successful race. Today’s high rep count will help to develop strength and endurance that will prove useful late in your race.

For the greatest training effect use light to moderate weight and aim for perfect form and control with each repetition.

For a greater challenge keep your rest time to 1 minute or less between sets.


Dynamic warm-up Jumping Jacks 2 x 20 Bear Crawl 2 x 25 yards

Main Set: Strength Circuit

A1. Single leg Push-ups x 10 each leg (Advanced: Place a sandbag on your upper back for added resistance x 10-20) A2. Pullups x 5-10 A3. Dips x 10 Rest 1 minute, Repeat 4x

B1. Hanging Leg Raises x 5+ B2. Upright Row x 10-15 B3. Front Arm Raises x 10 Rest 1 minute, Repeat 4x

C1. Burpees x 10 Rest 1 minute C2. Squat to Overhead Press x 10 Rest 1 minute, Repeat 3x


Stretch and Foam Roll

Beginner Version: Increase rest interval Advanced Version: Increase rep Count and/or resistance

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