Active Recovery: MIND: 10/15/17

Active Recovery: MIND: 10/15/17
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Make your workouts count the most by being well rested and ready to train smart when you get back to the grind. You can do this by scheduling recovery time in the sauna or by taking a walk in nature. There are plenty of ways to actively engage in Spartan training even when you aren't doing a traditional workout. Recovery is an active process that requires your participation.

Also, create success by spending your 'downtime' researching and visualizing the skills that you need to employ during your training intervals. Always strive to develop yourself, even when not at the gym. And if you are just going to kick back, put your feet up and relax, be sure to read an article or listen to a podcast. We've made some suggestions below.

"What we think, we become." --Buddha

Active Recovery Suggestions:

Reading Suggestions:

Listening Suggestion:


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This week we are working on our hill climbing fitness. To get a workout plan to make you better in the mountains read our Conquer Any Mountain Training Plan