Weight Loss: A Spartan Side Effect

Weight Loss: A Spartan Side Effect
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In today’s society, weight loss is one of the primary motivations for people to begin a healthy lifestyle.

However, weight-loss is a deceiving concept in the fitness world. It’s more complicated than you’d hope.

The general thinking is that you do a little cardio, you see the number drop, your clothing starts to feel looser, and you’re happier. Easy, right?


The reality check is that proper weight loss requires a combination of exercise (cardio and strength training), proper nutrition and hydration, as well as adequate rest.

This is where Spartan comes in.

Spartan has been a means of weight loss and transformation for individuals since day one. A Spartan Lifestyle offers resources on proper exercise, nutrition, and rejuvenation.

So let’s talk about the true relationship behind Spartan and weight loss…

Weight loss is a side effect of Spartan Training.

You read that correctly. The aim of Spartan Training is not to act as a weight loss or transformation program; the aim of Spartan Training is to train you to be more physically and mentally fit. A side effect of the training is that you lose some excess pounds in the process.

By committing to train like a Spartan, you are committing to building your strongest self in both mind and body. You will become functional in your truest capacity while developing an elaborate mind-body connection unlike ever before.

Your cardiovascular capacity grows exponentially while your resistance to discomfort shrinks by the day.

Will you lose weight? Of course. You will see your body transform into a strong, confident Spartan.  Weight loss, or more specifically transformation, is a guaranteed side effect of embracing a Spartan Lifestyle.

Ultimately, when we look out upon a group of Spartans, there is no single physical characteristic that identifies them as a “Spartan”.

There is no perfect weight or body type to fit into this lifestyle. When setting a goal for your Spartan self, do not look out upon other Spartans. Your goals should be specific to you and you alone. Identify your strengths, identify your weaknesses, then identify where you will be your happiest self in both mind and body.

That is your goal. Go out and achieve it. #LiveSpartan