Spartan Love: Ally & Luke's Amazing Race

Spartan Love: Ally & Luke's Amazing Race
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In a series, Spartan couples share their stories and give upcoming Valentine's Day a grit-sharpened edge. Our first story comes from Ally Reite:

I wanted to tell you about me and my husband’s Spartan Love Story.  Well, one fine Sunday afternoon, Luke and I were sitting in church waiting for the service to start and I was browsing Facebook, and saw an ad for Spartan Race.  I was intrigued and instantly decided I wanted to do one.

I turned to Luke and said, “Hey I’m gonna do a Spartan Race. I bet you can’t do one. I dare you!”

Though he had never ran 50 feet in his life, he obviously had to take me up on the dare, and to make it even worse, I told him our first race would be a Super, and it was less than 6 weeks away.  


I had an athletic background, so I knew I would be somewhat prepared for the race. Luke on the other hand, had zero athletic background or experiences.

"I told him our first race would be a Super," writes Ally. "It was less than 6 weeks away. Ha ha."

Our training started right away, and it was rough in the beginning for Luke, but he kept at it.  Our runs went from side aches and “I f**king hate this” to long-lasting memories, and “Oh, this isn’t SO bad.”

After our first race we were hooked, and we set goals for several upcoming events.  Throughout the course of our training and Spartan journey, I didn’t really realize the impact it had on our relationship until I looked back.

As newlyweds, what Luke and I used to consider a fun weekend was binge drinking, sitting at home watching TV, and eating junk food.  Now all of a sudden, our weekends consisted of long runs, hikes, being outdoors, cooking healthy meals together, and planning our upcoming races and training.  

Our lives had completely changed.  It gave us both self confidence and made us feel strong, which benefitted us as a couple. It also lit a competitive fire inside both of us that continues to make us challenge each other and has furthered our growth.  

I am forever grateful that we were able to discover Spartan Races so early on in our marriage because it has created a friendship and bond that I don’t think we would have otherwise.  I mean, who else is going to understand me and sympathize when I talk about racing in Tahoe and how I cried for hours as I froze my ass off and wanted to die? No one right?

I feel like our Spartan journey over the course of the last several years is very symbolic of our love story:  from unhealthy, insecure, open-class racer to confident, healthy, happy, world-champ qualifying, elite racer.  And can I mention how proud I am of Luke?  Fitness did not come easily or naturally to him, but he has worked so hard, and has become such an amazing athlete and I am inspired by his drive and dedication.

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