Treadmill Recovery Workout

Treadmill Recovery Workout
Presented by Spartan Training®

No burpees today.

Today we stretch.

All you need is the floor behind or beside your treadmill.

Also, set your treadmill's incline up for the entirety of the workout. Somewhere between halfway and the maximum. You can leave it there for today's entire workout. Or experiment with it. Gradually increasing it, or decreasing it is fine.

Try and enjoy this workout. It should feel good on your legs after all the running this week.

It's not very complicated. I call it:

Walking Uphill and Stretching.


  • Walk 2 minutes, leisurely
  • Walk 1 minute, brisk
  • Repeat 2+ times
  • Stretch 2 minutes

Main Set:

  • Walk 3 minutes maximum incline
  • Stretch 2 minutes
  • Repeat 3-6 times.

Cool Down:

Stretch, foam roll

What kind of stretching?

Here is an old school stretching video from back in Pittsfield, Vermont. Enjoy. Try practicing a couple of these today.

Ultimately, do whatever you are most comfortable with now. A few basic yoga poses are great options. Whatever feels natural is what I suggest.

Today’s Challenge:

Get a Spartan pancake and place it by the treadmill, even if you aren't going to use it today. Get in the habit of training at a treadmill with this tool beside you.

Even on a light day like today, you just might benefit from 5-10 pancake slams or thrusters with the Spartan pancake.

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