Treadmill Strength Workout

Treadmill Strength Workout
Presented by Spartan Training®

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.

--Napoleon Hill

For this workout, you only need a Spartan Pancake near your treadmill.* Don't worry about it being heavy. 20-40 lbs is more than enough. The goal is to execute perfect form until you've mastered the movement.


5 minutes run gradually increasing intensity.

10 Burpees

Main Set:

Run 4 minutes (slow to moderate pace)

10 Squat to Overhead Press with Pancake

10 Pancake Slams

Repeat 3-8 times.

Cool Down:


*Getting on and off a treadmill can be dangerous so be careful. It's more important that you do this carefully than it is that you do this fast. You can keep the treadmill running if you want, but we always suggest that you pause your workout and safely get on and off.