This Workout Will Help You OWN the 500-Meter DEKA Run

This Workout Will Help You OWN the 500-Meter DEKA Run
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An all-out 250-meter sprint is tough all on its own. Pair three of those sprints with thrusters, farmer’s carries, shoulder overs, and other challenges — and then repeat it five times through — and you'll be prepared for DEKA’s 500-meter run, which takes place between every DEKA challenge

This fast-moving workout trains the necessary aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, power, total-body strength, and athleticism to a high degree. A big part of that equation is its featured Spartan Box Jump Overs, 20 of which you can also look forward to facing in DEKA Zone 3. They’ll test the strength and mobility of the squat pattern along with the explosive power of your lower body’s hip, knee, and ankle extension. (In Zone 3, you can expect to perform them on 24-inch plyo boxes.)

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Apart from a plyo box and a treadmill, to complete this workout you’ll need an Assault AirBike, kettlebells, and a Spartan Slam Ball. Perform the workout on your own or race your exercise partner.

Featured Gear: Spartan Slam Ball

slam ball


This workout features the Spartan Slam Ball. Available in 4- to 30-pound weights, it’s durable, rubberized, and comes in a smaller size that makes it ergonomic for handling throws and slams. It won’t bounce or roll, so no more chasing medicine balls around the gym floor!

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20-Meter Inchworm (3 sets)

20-Meter Walking Lunge (3 sets)


Perform 5 Rounds.

- KB Thruster Squat (10 reps)
- 250-Meter Run
- Box Jump (10 reps)
- 250-Meter Run
- Sit-Up Partner Ball Throws (10 reps) *Note: If you don’t have a partner, use a wall.
- 250-Meter Run
- 50-Meter Farmer's Carry
- 10-Calorie Sprint (~30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on speed)
- Dead-Ball Shoulder Over (10 reps)
- Bent-Over Row (10 reps)
Burpee (10 reps)

    Cool Down

    - Bodyweight Squat (20 reps) 
    Push-Up (10 reps)
    - Child’s Pose (3 minutes, extended inhale and exhale)

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