Super Spartan Training Plan: Day 28 - Mind

Super Spartan Training Plan: Day 28 - Mind
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Congratulations, Spartan, you did it. Some of you ran your {first} Super this weekend. Some of you were able to stay true to the full 28 days of training. All of you are finishing this program stronger and more prepared for your next Spartan Race Super.

With today being the last day of a more obstacle-specific training plan, we are touching on an area that every Spartan can benefit from daily, the forearms. Your forearms are some of the most strained muscles during a Spartan Race, particularly for a new Spartan. Your forearms are destroyed during the majority of the obstacles that you face. They are responsible for gripping the monkey bars, Olympus, or twister. They assist in pulling you up over the many walls. They assist in dictating where your spear is headed at every Spear Man. Learning to actively release your forearms will help increase your strength and decrease your fatigue rate while out on any Spartan Race course.

Using 2 Acumobility balls beginning just above the wrist, put one ball on either side of the forearm and compress the muscles.  Now work the wrist through flexion, extension, and rotation ranges of motion.  Work your way up to the elbow spending 1-2 minute total and working both arms.

Get some rest today, Spartan. Your next phase of Spartan Training starts tomorrow.