Chase the Pain. Feel the High. Please Train Responsibly.

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If Spartans, a unique and rare breed of humans, know one thing, it's this: pain is good

It’s a pain to be disciplined. It’s a pain to make sacrifices. It’s a pain to put in hard work, day in and day out, year after year. It’s a pain to pass on partying and instead stay focused on the process. It’s a pain to refuse comfort food. It’s a pain to go against the grain or against the pack. And it's damn sure a pain in the ass to do all of the little mundane habits and practices over and over and over, especially when no one is looking. 

You, a Spartan, know this. 

Spartan "Chase the Pain, Feel the High" Training shirt

If it was easy, everyone would do it. If it was easy to succeed and surpass your goals, everyone would be a winner. If making major accomplishments was easy, everyone would have all of the answers. If life was easy, everyone would be a leader. 

You, a Spartan, know this. 

Pain, discomfort, obstacles, tests, challenges, and competition make everyone better, but not everyone knows that, accepts that, or wants to believe that. You do. 

The Exclusive Spartan "Chase the Pain, Feel the High" Training Shirt Is Here, in Limited Quantity

Spartan "Chase the Pain, Feel the High" Training shirt

In a recent interview with professional runner David Laney, we asked him what goes through his mind on mile 20, 60, or 80 of a 100-mile run — something that more than 99% of people would never think of doing.

“Nothing much, it’s painful,” Laney said.

But — as a cruel twist — those long, painful runs actually give him focus, clarity, and even peace. And in that moment, the idea of creating something special for Spartans, who live and breathe that sentiment, became a reality. 

After dozens of brainstorms and dozens of design rounds that were — at times — more painful than others, we came up with CHASE THE PAIN, and produced a limited quantity of premium performance T-shirts. They're not for everyone. They're for you, a Spartan who’s out there putting in the work, day in and day out. Thinking long term. Thinking big picture. Getting better every single day. 

There’s only a limited supply, so grab an exclusive CHASE THE PAIN T-shirt from the Spartan Training Division now and keep crushing in the gym, on the course, and in life.

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