Spartan Beast Training Plan: Day 7 - Mind

Spartan Beast Training Plan: Day 7 - Mind

You’ve successfully made it through your first week of Spartan Race Beast training, Spartan. Awesome job. Take today to focus on your physical and mental recovery.

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Foam roll. 


One area that is constantly plaguing runners and Spartans alike are the hamstrings. Hamstrings are essential in climbing and pulling throughout the course. Today, work to increase your hamstring mobility with the use of the Acumobility Ball and Acumobility Floss.

Wrap the Floss band at 50% intensity starting at the knee and working up the leg and remove the floss in 30-45 seconds or sooner if it starts to feel numb.   Then sit on a chair or bench with 1 Acumobility Ball under the hamstring.  Sit up tall as you raise and lower the leg through ranges of motion.  Do 8 reps on 3-4 spots on the hamstring and then stand up remove the floss and feel the blood flushing through your leg.

This active mobilization for knee and hamstring tightness and pain. Give it a try before every run, leg day, and Spartan Race to see an increase in knee and hip mobility.

Disclaimer on Flossing: Do not use excessive compression. Remove immediately if distal limb is tingling, you experience any pain, loss of sensation or if the limb is turning a dusky/purple/pale color or feeling cold. Do not leave the product on longer than 30-45 seconds per area or remove sooner if you begin to experience numbness. Do not wrap around neck. Do not use if you have a preexisting medical condition including diabetes and heart disease. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You are responsible for the proper use of this product.

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