Pulling: Workout of the Day

Pulling: Workout of the Day
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The terms pulling and stabilizing work hand in hand. Your pulling muscles are your major stabilizers. This means your back and your hips.

With this week, we are focusing in on our stability and training our body to get the most out of its pulling efforts. We are going to train our posture. We are going to train our core. We are going to train our total body.

Because our pulling muscles are used more often than our pushing muscles, we will need to tap into our strength training resources and increase the resistance that we are lifting. Grab your pancakes, find your pull up bars, and head to the steepest hill in town. Today, we pull.

Monday - Total Body Strength

Your body works in a unit. When your pulling muscles work together, you achieve proper posture and stability. Focus on your posture as you tackle today’s pulling workout.

Pull Ups (Assisted or Unassisted) - 4x6 Deadlifts - 4x6 Bear Crawl - 4x100m

Pancake Bent Over Row - 3x8 Step Ups -3x8 Front Raise -3x8

Hanging Leg Raise - 3x12 Pancake Pull Through - 3x12 Suitcase Carry - 3x100m

Tuesday - Rowing HIIT

This workout is designed to be performed on an Indoor Rower. If you do not have access to a rower, grab your bucket and your local hill or stairs and perform the following “sprint” workout. Give your maximum effort for 30 seconds then stop completely for 30 seconds.

500m Row :30 Sprint :30 Rest X20 Rounds 500m Row

Challenge yourself to stay below 2-2:30/ 500m pace during your sprint intervals. Can you keep your pace consistent during the entire workout?

Wednesday - Unilateral Strength Stability

Each side of the body can interpret an exercise very different. This is how compensations and weaknesses occur. Today, we want to work those compensations out by developing our unilateral strength and stability.

Pancake Single Leg Deadlift - 3x12 Arm Bar - 3x:30 Windmill - 3x12

Single Arm Bent Over Row - 3x12 Cook Hip Lift - 3x12 In-Line Pancake Lift - 3x12

Human Saw - 3x12 Leg Lowering - 3x12 Inverted Row - 3x12

Thursday - Rest Day

Friday - Conditioning

Stability does not work separate from power. Today, we want to build our power abilities while maintaining stability and posture.

To be performed in one circuit, 4 rounds

Bucket/ Sandbag Carry - 4x100m Pancake Swings - 4x10 Jumping Pull Ups - 4x10 Power Upright Rows - 4x10 Single Leg Hops - 4x10 Pancake Lateral Slams - 4x10 Plyometric Knee Drives - 4x10 Stair Sprints - 4x:30 seconds

Saturday - Hill Run

This run is designed to be your “long run” on the week. Perform the following workout with little to no rest between rounds.

800m (½ mile) Run @ 5k Pace 100m Hill sprint 100m Hill Bucket Carry X5 Finish with 800m Run @5k pace

Sunday - Rest Day

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