A High-Power Exercise To Prevent Foot Injury

Presented by Spartan Training®

Plantar Fasciitis, a.k.a chronic arch pain, is one of the most common running injuries. It accounts for an alarming number of visits to running shoe stores and podiatrists, by runners seeking solutions. Plantar is an injury that typically goes from annoying to bad to so bad you can't run at all.

Consider that the human foot is like a the semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension in a car. If overuse and/or poor mechanics strain the fascia to the point of micro-tearing of tissue and subsequent inflammation, healing is a tough thing—considering that even if you take a couple of days off from running, you're probably still walking around on it.

Prevention is the best medicine. All-around strength, power and mobility is a big plus that comes with OCR training since root problems that cause plantar fasciitis include mobility issues in the hips, lower back and overall posture. Bolstering this advantage with a consistent mobility, yoga or Pilates practice is especially helpful.

Plus this powerhouse mobility exercise as taught by Acumobility's Brad Cox and SGX Coach and Spartan Life contributor Megan Beck.